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For questions about how to use Thunderbird, visit and search our Support Website. Feel free to submit a new question if you cannot find an answer. Please remember to be courteous to our staff and volunteers.

To get the best support, please ask your question in English. If you prefer to ask a question in Română you can try this non-Mozilla community forum link.

Support Website


To report a software vulnerability, please submit an issue on Bugzilla with the security box checked. This checkmark will make the report visible only to our security team, who can address vulnerabilities before public disclosure.



Thunderbird and the people who make it are amazing. Obtain access to our team for your story, review, or other content by emailing our Outreach Team.

Outreach Team


Organizations wanting to sponsor software development or obtain assistance in large-scale deployments should email our Business Team. This team also handles other partnership inquiries.

Business Team


If you have talents you're interested in sharing but don't know where to start, learn how to get started by visiting our Participate page. Here you'll find the volunteer community that matches your interests.

Participate Page

Mențiuni legale

Protect future users from malware, data mining, or being fraudulently charged for Thunderbird by reporting trademark misuse. If you believe we are infringing on your copyright or trademark, please send a DMCA notice.

Trademark Misuse DMCA Notice

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