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Meet Supernova: our fastest, most beautiful email, calendar, and contacts release yet. Designed to maximize your freedoms.

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Freedom from Chaos

Waste less time finding browser tabs.

Access all your messages, calendars, and contacts in one fast app. Filter and organize the way you like. Manage all accounts separately or in a unified inbox. Thunderbird simply makes your life simpler.

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Freedom from Manipulation

Our agenda isn’t hidden. It’s to make the world better.

Thunderbird is funded by user donations. We don’t collect personal data, sell ads in your inbox, or secretly train AI with your private conversations. Thunderbird is open source. As part of the Mozilla family you can be confident we always put your privacy and security first.

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Freedom to Geek Out

Thunderbird is yours.

Thunderbird is clean and elegant by default, but easily customizable to match your workflow and visual preferences. It is loaded with unique and powerful features. Here are just a few that people love:

Its unified inbox enables me to stay sane even in the busiest of times. I am never switching e-mail clients again!
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Software Developer, Austria
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I love the tag feature. I tag something important and find it quickly.
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Computer Scientist, USA
It is the first program I install on any PC I use / own... I use it on Windows / Mac and Linux.
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I.T. Manager, UK
Having an open source alternative [for] receiving and managing email... is great for privacy.
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Web Developer, Costa Rica
[Thunderbird] empowers me to maintain ownership of my emails.
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Engineer, USA
You'd be hard pressed to find a client more extensible than Thunderbird!
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Student, UK

Are you ready to love email again?

Free Your Inbox

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