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Version 68.3.0 | Released December 3, 2019

Check out the notes below for this version of Thunderbird. As always, you’re encouraged to tell us what you think, or file a bug in Bugzilla.

** Thunderbird version 68.3.0 provides an automatic update from Thunderbird version 60.** If you have installed Lightning, Thunderbird's calendar add-on, it will automatically be updated to match the new version of Thunderbird. Refer to this Calendar troubleshooting article in case of problems.

System Requirements: • Window: Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2 or later • Mac: Mac OS X 10.9 or later • Linux: GTK+ 3.4 or higher. Details here.

Please refer to Release Notes for version 68.0 to see the list of improvements and fixed issues.

What’s New


Navigation buttons are now available in content tabs, for example those opened via an add-on search

What’s Changed


"New email" icon in Windows systray changed from in-tray with arrow to envelope

What’s Fixed


Icons of attachments in the attachment pane of the Write window not always correct


Toolbar buttons of add-ons in the menubar not shown after startup


LDAP lookup not working when SSL was enabled. LDAP search not working when "All Address Books" was selected.


Scam link confirmation panel not working


In Write window, the Link Properties dialog wasn't showing named anchors in context menu


Calendar: Start-up failed if the application menu is not on the calendar toolbars


Chat: Account reordering via drag-and-drop not working on Instant messaging status dialog (Show Accounts)


Various security fixes

Known Issues


When upgrading from Thunderbird version 60 to version 68, add-ons are not automatically updated during the upgrade process. They will however be updated during the add-on update check. It is of course possible to reinstall compatible add-ons via the Add-ons Manager or via

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