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Thunderbird 115 Supernova

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Dynamic Unified Toolbar

Supernova features a single dynamic toolbar, presenting frequently used and contextual options based on the tab or Space that is currently active. Take full control by customizing the toolbar and window layout to perfectly fit your workflow.

The all new Unified Toolbar
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Beautiful Iconography

새로워진 그래픽 이상으로 Supernova는 Thunderbird 특유의 일관된 시각적 효과를 갖춘 아름다운 아이콘을 제공합니다. 새 디자인은 어떠한 화면 크기 설정에서도 선명하고 완벽한 픽셀을 유지합니다.

The improved icons
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쉬운 밀도 제어

여러 모니터와 화면 해상도로 작업하시나요? Supernova는 앱 메뉴에서 단 한 번의 클릭으로 완벽한 밀도 설정과 응용프로그램 전체의 글꼴 크기 설정을 할 수 있습니다.

Default density icon
An example of the relaxed density An example of the relaxed density An example of the relaxed density
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Intuitive App Menu

The new Application Menu (≡) in Supernova is now keyboard-accessible, and redesigned for faster, easier navigation. Fewer submenus, persistent global options, and consistent iconography combine to create a much more intuitive experience.

The new AppMenu
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New + Sortable Folder Modes

Supernova gives you more control by introducing sortable Folder Modes. Display all of your Tags in the Folder Pane, turn on and off Local Folders, or move your favorite Folder Mode sections up and down with one click. Less scrolling, more productivity.

Eye-Catching Tags View

Tags are a familiar and powerful part of your workflow, so Supernova adds an eye-catching “Tags” view to the Folder Pane. Quickly jump to your custom, color-coded tag categories to find and filter your messages even faster.

The improved folder pane
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Modernized Cards View

Supernova’s new Card View is our version of the well-known vertical layout for the Message List, perfect for people used to modern webmail. Card View emulates a mobile interface list with multi-line support, offering a more comfortable appearance to reduce cognitive burden.

An example of a message in card view An example of a message in card view An example of a message in card view An example of a message in card view An example of a message in card view
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Improved Address Book

Supernova continues to iterate on the modernized Address Book introduced in Thunderbird 102. You’ll enjoy a new tabular view, an improved Edit view, delete buttons, and better accessibility.

The improved address book edit pane
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Expanded Accessibility

Supernova substantially improves Thunderbird’s keyboard navigation and screen reader accessibility across the entire application. We’ve also greatly expanded the ability to navigate Mail content and buttons using the TAB and arrow keys.

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Improved Calendar Design

As part of an ongoing effort to modernize and upgrade Thunderbird’s Calendar, Supernova introduces an improved “mini-month” layout, improvements to the day/week/month grid, a pleasing color palette, and several more minor changes.

The improved calendar
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More to come!

Supernova is constantly evolving. Throughout the next year, we’ll deliver many improvements to existing Supernova features and introduce brand new ones. Upgrade to version 115 and experience the future of Thunderbird!